Transportation Information


District owned buses transport over 1500 students on a daily basis. The school district's fleet has 50 vehicles that travel over 500,000 miles a year providing transportation for students who attend Peotone schools and special education students who attend schools outside of the Peotone School District. Transportation is also provided for all athletic events and field trips.


Bus routes and stops are determined on the basis of safety, efficiency and the number of students to be transported in a given area. Bus routes, stops and times may be altered slightly if student ridership changes during the school year... Scheduled bus route stop times are set as a general guide. Students should be at their assigned stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.


Buses may run late during inclement weather. Students should wait for the bus to arrive. Announcements are made on local radio and television stations when school is cancelled due to sever weather conditions.


The junior high school drive will be closed to all traffic except school buses from 3:00 until 3:25 each day that school is in session. The buses will completely block the driveway in order to insure the safety of students who must transfer buses. If you must pick up a student at dismissal, please arrive before the buses and wait in the lot to the east of the building. You will be able to exit this lot prior to the buses leaving.


Students should be cautious when entering and exiting the bus. For safety, students must cross the road in front of the bus only when the stop arm is extended and the flashers are operating.

Students should also:

* Be courteous

* Stay seated

* Keep hands and feet inside the bus

* Cooperate with the driver

* Use appropriate language

* Refrain from eating or drinking

* Keep the bus free from defacement or damage.

The school bus driver has the authority to assign seats.


All 207U drivers are licensed by the Illinois Secretary of State. To qualify for a school bus permit, the driver must:
Have a good driving record
Have no criminal record
Obtain a commercial driver’s license
Complete the state mandated initial training course and annual refresher training
Demonstrate safe behind the wheel driving skills
Pass an annual physical including drug testing
Be involved in D.O.T. mandated random drug testing program
The Peotone School District is committed to continuing bus driver education and provides workshops for drivers on school bus safety, maintenance, first aid and driving techniques.


District 207U buses meet or exceed strict safety standards set by state and federal regulations. All vehicles are equipped with two-way radios and are in contact with the transportation office at all times. All district buses are equipped with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher. At least twice a year, students receive emergency bus evacuation information.
Each school bus is required to have:
* Detailed pre-trip safety inspection by driver each day.
* Preventative maintenance and safety inspections.
* Major safety and maintenance inspection every 10,000 miles.
* Inspection at a state licensed safety lane facility every 10,000 miles or six months.


* See that your children are at the bus stop five minutes early
* Encourage and support school bus safety rules
* Teach young students the safety importance of putting all items
in their book bags
* Be a good safety example for your children


Special needs students will receive services consistent with their I.E.P.
If a special education student will not be riding the school bus,
please call the transportation office at 708-258-9605 prior to the student’s scheduled pick up time.
If the transportation office does not receive a call canceling transportation service and if the student
is a no show for three consecutive days, the parent will be required to call the transportation office to re-instate the student’s bus service.
If a student does not ride the bus on the A.M. route, it will be assumed that the student is not in attendance at school.
If a student is being transported to school by the parent but needs afternoon service for pick up, the parent must notify the transportation office. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


212 W Wilson St.
Peotone, Illinois 60468
Transportation Office: 708-258-9605
District Office: 708-258-0991