Special Services

                          Welcome to Peotone School District Special Services Department!

As Director of Special Services, I am responsible for overseeing that all children identified with a disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), aged 3-21, receive a free and appropriate public education. Peotone offers a full continuum of placements and services for students with identified disabilities and insures that students are educated in the least restrictive environment.

~ Instructional Supports: inclusion support from paraprofessionals and special education co-teachers, along with Specialized Instruction Classrooms in each school building

~ Related Service Providers: Speech Language Pathologists, Social Workers, School Counselors, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy Assistant, School Psychologists, Hearing Itinerant Teacher, Vision Itinerant Teacher, Nurses and Physical Therapist

~ Member District of SOWIC Special Education Cooperative: Peotone School District is a proud member of SOWIC Special Education Cooperative with 10 other school districts. Each SOWIC member district provides a full continuum of special education placements either within their buildings, through the Cooperative or in private facilities

The Peotone School District has a strong commitment to help all students achieve the greatest level of independence possible. I encourage you to reach out to me at any time if I can be of assistance to you or your family.


Mrs. Amy Loy

Director of Special Services          

McKinney Vento (Homeless) Liaison for Peotone District 207U

Homebound Instruction Coordinator for Peotone District 207U

English Language Learner Assessment Coordinator (WIDA Screener and ACCESS Test)

DLM- MAP Assessment Coordinator (Illinois State Alternative Assessment)

Contact Information: 
Mrs. Amy Loy

Director of Special Services
212 West Wilson St. 
Peotone, IL 60468
[email protected]
phone: (708) 258-0991

Please send records or other file requests to:
Melinda White
Administrative Assistant for Special Services
[email protected]
phone: (708) 258-0991 ext. 3105
fax: (708) 258-0994