What It Is: The audit is the summary report that is provided to the district by the auditor. This summarizes all revenue, expenditures, investments, and fund balances. Cash receipts, accounting procedures, payroll, tax payments, and similar activities are verified for accuracy and any corrections are made before closing out the fiscal year (July to June).

When It Is Posted: October of each year

Peer Review of Gassensmith & Michalesko, Ltd.

FY21 Audit

FY20 Audit

FY19 Audit

FY18 Audit

FY17 Audit

FY16 Audit

FY15 Audit

FY14 Audit

FY13 Audit

FY12 Audit

FY11 Audit

FY10 Audit

FY09 Audit

FY08 Audit

FY07 Audit

FY06 Audit

FY05 Audit