Volunteer Information


Members of the community looking to make a difference in the lives of children and support educators are encouraged to apply to become a volunteer with the Peotone School District. Volunteers are needed in all schools and you can volunteer as little or as much time as you'd like.

If you have a few extra hours a week and wish to contribute your talents/skills, life experiences and time to the life of a child, please complete the appropriate application and associated documents below. For more information, contact any building principal.

As a volunteer, you may work with students in our early childhood program, listen to and/or read to elementary students, help elementary students with math or computer skills, mentor middle school students who need extra interest from a caring adult, or work with high school students who need one-on-one help with English proficiency. You may also work as an office aide, library assistant, help the nurse, assist in the various sports programs or participate on field trips.

In keeping with the mission of the district, the major goal of the volunteer program is to assist schools in providing the best possible education for each student. The services of volunteers are utilized in schools to accomplish the following objectives:

Assist teachers and support personnel with non-instructional tasks

Provide teachers with more time to work with students

Enrich the curriculum and students' learning opportunities

Provide individual attention to those children needing additional assistance

Promote a school-home-community partnership for quality education

Volunteerism is encouraged and supported. Volunteers make valuable contributions to educational programs, staff support, and district administration and policy. The volunteer's role is an important one.


Everyone who cares about children and education is a potential volunteer. Prior teaching experience is not necessary. Anyone who has completed the necessary application, screening, interview and training can volunteer.


When a volunteer expresses an interest in working at school and wants to assist with the type of jobs for which help is needed, there are district guidelines that must be followed for safety and legal reasons before a volunteer begins to work.

Volunteers must fill out an application, emergency health questionnaire, and confidentiality statement.

To ensure the safety of Peotone students and in accordance with state law, guidelines for fingerprinting have been developed, as follows. It is imperative to remember that supervision of volunteers is the responsibility of the certified staff member associated with the event/activity.

Fingerprinting will be required for all persons as noted in the preceding paragraphs who supervise and/or assist students under the following conditions: persons assisting in areas where students may be vulnerable, such as in close proximity to dressing rooms, backstage areas, etc.; and persons who are allowed to work with students in an unsupervised setting (ie: sports programs, cafeteria duty, playground duty). Fingerprints are done at the Will County Regional Office.

All volunteers must sign in and out every time they volunteer. Reasons for these requirements include: security and safety, emergencies, record for liability and insurance purposes, recognize volunteer contribution, and data support for grant writing, improvement plans, etc.


The Peotone School District will provide an orientation for volunteers. Items covered will be:

  • Program purpose
  • Volunteer's responsibility, commitment and duties
  • School's responsibility
  • Universal precautions and safe schools information
  • Volunteer service agreement

The intent of this orientation is to familiarize the volunteer with the district/school procedures, have a question/answer period, and allow volunteers to become more comfortable with the process. Individual schools will follow up with any necessary site-specific training.


Volunteers are covered by district's liability insurance policy while they are on campus working under the direct supervision of the professional staff. Sports volunteers are not covered under the district's liability insurance policy. Volunteers must be registered at their school and a record of dates worked and volunteer hours must be maintained. The district does not carry health insurance for volunteers.