Contracts and Reports

Collective Bargaining Agreement

What It Is: The collective bargaining agreement is the “contract” between the Peotone Teachers' Council and the Peotone CUSD 207U Board of Education. This agreement is often a multi-year agreement.

When It Is Posted: After ratification by the Peotone Teachers' Council and approval by the Peotone CUSD 207U Board of Education

Teacher Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019-2023

Compensation Reports

What It Is:
This is a comprehensive report that details the base salary, vacation days, sick days, and other benefits. The information provided is considerably more than what is required by State of Illinois Statute. The total reported is intended to estimate the total employment cost of each individual including applicable payroll taxes.

When It Is Posted: Fall of each year

Teacher Compensation Report

Administrator Compensation Report

IMRF employees with total compensation > $75,000 (5 ILCS 120_7.3)